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Custom Hoodies

The slate is blank because you have yet to design it. We're a little different that way. Fully Customizable    |    Bold Graphics    |    Pure Sweetness

Insanely Singular

Hyper Focused High Quality

When it comes to your team, your look should be as unique as the players that form its DNA. KA Sports Lab knows that you only get one "this season" and we are proud to have a part in it. We also have the philosophy that if we're going to do something, we should do it right. So let's do this thing - and let's do it right!

From the materials we put into our apparel to the designs that make them stand out, we have it covered. And we always believe that products should be a fair price - that's why we won't charge you artwork or setup fees.

Request Design/Production Time
  • Delivery3-4 Weeks After Approvals
  • Materials100% Polyester
  • TechBuilt-In Warmth Management
  • GraphicsHigh-Shine Projection Ink
  • ProcessTech Advanced Heat Pressed
  • ArtworkNo Art or Setup Fees
Select Your Inspiration

Use our gallery below to get a starting point for your unis. Have your own ideas? - we're down with that too!

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Our business model is a little different - we believe in quality over quanity.
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Design Cycle & Production

If you obtain a Design and Production slot, we'll work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind product!